Schools for Troubled Youth in California: The Best Option

When searching for schools for troubled youth in California, you need to know which one is the best. Learn more about our program and what we offer at SBA.

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When you’re out there looking for a way to help your teenager, things can seem hard. Sometimes you feel like nobody has the information you need, or that no one is going through the same as you. But if you’re looking for schools for troubled youth in California, we can help you out. Keep reading to know the best option.

SBA: Long Term Results for your Family

Sunset Bay Academy is a therapeutic boarding school in California. Students live inside our installations, attend classes, and spend time with other students. We have years of experience as a residential center for teenagers with risky habits and disorders. We provide treatment to each case, listening to the student and the family to get a grip of the problem.

At SBA, our professional and qualified staff dedicates their time and energy to helping each teen. Our program is made to give them tools for the future, and our school has the proper rules and regulations to make parents feel safe, hopeful, and at ease while their teens are with us.

Our program encompasses the following areas:

  • Academics

We stimulate the mind of our students so that they learn and grow academically. We work with the world-accredited school system Advantages School, and our teachers focus on each student in order to catch up with subjects and classes, elevate their GPA and reach academic achievement.

  • Therapy

A therapeutic program is essential in an institution for troubled youth. We provide individual and group psychotherapy sessions in order to understand the conflicts and disorders that our students face, as well as their emotions, expectations, and dreams. The goal is to get closer each day to emotional balance.

  • Community service

In order to stimulate our students’ values, we organize community service activities. They can go from visits and involvement in charity events and foundations, and the goal is to help them explore their creative self and empower a sense of belonging.

  • Spirituality

We promote a healthy spirituality in the vision of our students as guidance for mental health. We are inclusive of any religion or fate since we do not impose any belief; we only give them inspiring tools to be humble and kind.

  • Seminars

Our frequent seminars are directed to parents and students in order to create a wonderful opportunity to share experiences with other parents and reconnect with your family.

Now that you know about schools for troubled youth in California, we are sure that you will choose the best option for your teenager. Contact us to get more information.

Navigate The Path To Positive Change With Expert Support.

Let's Pave The Way For Your Teen's Journey To Growth And Empowerment.

Navigate the path to positive change with expert support. Let’s pave the way for your teen’s journey to growth and empowerment.