As one of many residential treatment center for teens, our academy offers a unique and effective therapeutic program in helping youth with drug, alcohol or tobacco use and behavior.


Adaptable approach to the abilities of each student

Psychotherapy is a central part of our program. Through individual, group and family sessions, we seek to resolve those emotional conflicts that cause problematic behavior in the teenagers as the leading program among boarding schools for troubled youth in California.
During their stay in our boarding school, students experience continuous therapeutic opportunities, with activities to get out of their comfort zone, work on their weaknesses and enrich their strengths through a long term residential treatment.
Students receive:

Therapeutic approach

Our multimodal therapeutic approach is the best help for young people with anxiety, depression and behavioral problems.
Our team of psychologists manages a systemic and humanistic approach with a multimodal approach at therapeutic boarding schools california. Therefore, the therapeutic method is adjusted to:

Individual therapy

The function of an individual therapy in an alternative school for troubled youth is that the professional, a psychotherapist, will help to make intervention to achieve that, one as a patient, can understand emotions, behaviors and the way in which one’s own thoughts generate discomfort.
The professional will provide tools that, when applied, will allow the patient to master emotions without them getting out of control, improve the ability to make decisions and resolve conflicts, as well as to have a healthy self-esteem, assertive communication and leadership skills.

Psychotherapeutic approaches

It works mostly on specific goals or symptomatology related to anxiety, depression and other psychopathological traits.

Family therapy

The role of family therapy is to help the family to:

Group therapy

This therapy allows young people to see that they went through similar situations, allows them to see the emotional problems and with the intervention of the therapist, acquire the tools to solve the problems in a healthier and more successful way in residential treatment centers for children.

“Our goal is to achieve family integration, guiding parents and children to work in our program through the management of leadership, communication and respect”

We achieved a genuine change, and by working with the family, a support system is formed to prevent relapses

Is Psychotherapy included in the tuition fee?

Yes, individual, group and family sessions are included in the tuition fee. As well as all psychological services, group homes for troubled teens, seminars for parents, students and families.

  • Individual and group sessions included in the program
  • Floor psychologists available
  • Family therapists and in constant contact with your family.

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