Our residential treatment center for teens has more than 15 years of experience operating as a program for rebellious youth and therapeutic school for teenagers with behavioral disorders.


Sunset Bay Academy Our history

We are a therapeutic school with experience in changing at-risk behaviors as well as treating mood and developmental disorders through a long term residential treatment.

We help American and Mexican families, primarily from the state of California, from our facilities located on the coast of Baja California.

Family involvement and teen growth

Our goal is to provide the teens with a new life experience acquiring assertive tools.

In order to integrate them back into their families and society as happier, honest and responsible individuals with values and above all with a desire to live and achieve their goals.

Work with values

We have strived to position ourselves as the leading school in the treatment and care of teenagers. We are passionate about helping families reconnect and reconnect in a therapeutic boarding schools California.

We work with important family values such as: respect, love, trust, safety and honesty.

As an alternative school for troubled youth, our facilities provide a warm and homelike environment: this allows us to generate a family atmosphere that contributes to the strengthening of these values.

“Inspiring teens. Empowering leaders”

Our clinic Director

Dr. Hugo Wright

Is your teenager no longer listening to you? Call us with confidence, we can help through our group homes for troubled teens. The experience and training of our staff at our dual diagnosis treatment center back us up. Join today our Sunset Bay Academy Testimonials.