Our residential treatment center for teens stands out among boarding schools for children and teenagers with behavioral problems for its close care of their emotional health and academic development.


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As one of the best boarding schools for troubled youth in California, Sunset Bay Academy goes beyond a behavior modification center; our goal is to achieve a positive change in the teenager’s behavior, as well as:
To achieve this goal, we have designed a treatment program that involves elemental aspects of each teenager’s development.

Emotional and physical health

To work on the emotional aspect, our therapeutic boarding schools california is designed to address the root causes of emotional conflict, not just behaviors that result from it.
Our alternative school for troubled youth helps teenagers make up for lost time and raise their grade point averages. Based on the idea of a healthy mind in a healthy body, we include in our program daily exercise and physical activities, such as basketball and yoga, as well as close attention to the nutrition of our students.

“A complete program makes a complete change”


More than a boarding school for children and teenagers with behavioral problems, we are the best among residential treatment centers for children that builds leaders.

We foster talent and artistic expression in our students by including art therapy and classes in music, poetry and dance. We motivate empathy in our students through altruistic activities, participation in charity events and encourage the practice of spirituality through talks in group homes for troubled youth and events.

What certifications do the teachers of the special classes have?

That depends entirely on the type of class, we generally look for teachers who have proven experience teaching classes with teenagers. There is also constant monitoring of their performance to ensure the efficiency of their workshops and classes.

If my child doesn’t like an activity, what happens?

All activities are part of the dual diagnosis treatment center, so we expect students to participate. There are only exceptions with parental permission or in case of a physical or health impairment.

Are the activities included in the tuition fee?

Yes, all additional activities are included in the tuition with the exception of individual classes.

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