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Get to know Sunset Bay Academy

We are a therapeutic school with experience in the field of behavioral changes and the treatment of mood and development disorders. We have worked with over 200 families, mostly from the state of California, providing our services from the coast of Baja California.

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Our Academy has years of experience working with teenagers providing our service competing with the boarding schools for troubled youth in California.


Family involvement and teen care

Our goal is to provide the teens with an opportunity to change their lives by helping them acquire new tools, physically, emotionally, intellectually and behaviorally. And to reintroduce them to their families and to society as honest, happier and responsible individuals with goals and desire to live their lives in a healthy way.

We have strived to become a top school. As leaders in the treatment and development of teenagers, we are passionate in our approach to help families reconnect and rekindle their relationships. We work with values essential to every family, respect, love, trust, security and honesty. Our Home-style facilities provide a warm and amiable environment that stimulates the use of these values.

“Inspiring teens. Empowering leaders”

Dr. Hugo Wright Clinical Director

Dr. Hugo Wright

Clinical Director

  • Dr. Wright has extensive preparation in the field of mental health and psychotherapy. He has 25 years of experience working as a family and individual therapist for teens and adults and is currently a faculty member of several prominent universities in Baja California
  • He achieved a PhD in Health Psychology by Centro Universitario de Tijuana, with a Master’s degree in Family Psychology and several certifications as a Family Therapist, most notoriously by the Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto, CA
  • Dr. Wright is passionate about helping families and teens, and he has worked with them all through his professional career
  • He enjoys playing musical instruments and singing, visiting the beach and spending time with his beautiful family

Is your teenager not listening to you anymore? Our years of experience and certified staff can help.