Our residential treatment center for teens goes beyond a school for young people with behavioral problems, we also provide them with tools and counseling to learn better and effectively.

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Learning and Academic Growth

At Sunset Bay Academy, the best among boarding schools for troubled youth in California, we are committed to the academic growth of our students as well as their emotional development. To achieve this we use an independent and globally accredited education system: Advantages School International. We work with middle and high school levels through a long term residential treatment.

Stimulating the mind and talent of our students

Through this method and with the support of our trained staff in education, as the best alternative school for troubled youth we have achieved:

“Our students strengthen their academic growth at their own pace, with constant support and supervision”

As one of the residential treatment centers for children, we help our students grow academic and socially in a positive environment through group homes for troubled teens.

How do I know how my child is doing in school?

The Academic Department is available to provide you with constant updates on your child's academic performance.

What can I do if my child needs extra help?

At our dual diagnosis treatment center, we provide extra tutoring in the subjects that are needed.

Help your child explore his or her potential and achieve genuine change as one of many Sunset Bay Academy Testimonials.