Therapeutic Centers for Troubled Teens: Emotional Balance

Are therapeutic centers for troubled teens a way to reach emotional balance? Let's talk about therapy and some signs to know that your teenager needs help.

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To some people, the word therapy is forbidden. They think it is only used when someone has gone “crazy” or when they think someone is helpless; it is certainly not the case. Psychological therapy is a wonderful way to solve personal issues that have an effect on our family and social life. If you have a family member that could use this type of help, let us tell you that therapeutic centers for troubled teens are a good way to reach emotional balance. Let’s elaborate on that.

Therapy: how does it help?


Therapy is a treatment in which a professional in Psychology helps another individual to resolve behaviors, feelings, thoughts, or other issues that have a negative effect on the patient. The therapist and the patient start a relationship of trust and confidence through conversation, questions, and analysis.

The purpose of psychotherapy is to develop insight that can help in the understanding of the patient’s self. Understanding oneself is the path to knowing where do some feelings, reactions, and behaviors come from, and being able to make a change if desired.

Signs that your kid needs therapy

In general, therapy is for and benefits everyone. You don’t have to be at the point of a mental breakdown to seek help. Therapy can help us get clarity, be more in touch with our emotions, make better decisions, resolve conflicts, and more.

Nevertheless, when our teenager is showing attitudes that are no longer “normal” or with which we cannot cope, we might need to do something more. As a parent, we have the duty and responsibility to help, listen to, talk to, and support them. But when it becomes harder and harder, professional help is the only thing that can act as a solution.

Although there can be many signs, these are the main ones that can help you know if your kid needs therapy:

  • Self-harming behavior

When teenagers cut, hit, or hurt themselves in any way, the situation is bad. They do it because they cannot take their emotions any longer. It is important to act on time since this behavior can escalate.

  • Substance abuse

Although the use of drugs and alcohol is not uncommon in adolescence, the abuse of these substances can be a sign of other problems that demand your attention and action.

  • Suicide attempts

The worst-case scenario takes the form of suicide ideations or attempts. If you ever find your teenager in this situation, ask for help as soon as possible and don’t take it lightly: you cannot help your teen alone and it’s not going to pass. Act right away!

SBA’s therapeutic approach

At Sunset Bay Academy, we accept teenagers with behavioral issues and work with them so that they can get a better take on life. We have a team of psychologists that are experts in the behavioral problems and disorders teenagers present.

Our years of experience and care for our families make us a therapeutic center where your teen can find a solution to their emotional imbalance. Contact us, get to know our program, and ask for help. We’ll be here for you.

Navigate The Path To Positive Change With Expert Support.

Let's Pave The Way For Your Teen's Journey To Growth And Empowerment.

Navigate the path to positive change with expert support. Let’s pave the way for your teen’s journey to growth and empowerment.