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We are a therapeutic school with experience in the field of behavioral changes and the treatment of mood and development disorders. We have worked with over 200 families, mostly from the state of California, providing our services from the coast of Baja California.

Joe & Kerry LeMier

I cannot begin to express our thanks to the SBA staff for your time and effort on Josephine’s behalf. What a transformation! Three hour car ride from Sunset Bay to Palm Springs, and only praise from Jose for what the school/staff has given her in the past nine months. Respectful, appreciative, smiling, and 45 pounds slimmer, my first thoughts were “who is this girl”? We realize this is the honeymoon period, and only time will tell, but we thank God for leading us to your website, and getting a second chance to interact with our granddaughter on a positive level. I believe we should all have a period of time spent at SBA to re-evaluate just how fortunate we are, and what is truly important.

Tiffany Raczynski – Student
Robert & Keri A – Parents

Scott & Belinda, Parents

I am writing to say that we are very impressed with Sunset Bay. The teachers,staff & chefs were very friendly and helpful. The facility is very well managed. My son has made truly amazing changes and improvements. I can’t say enough good things about their commitment to our son’s success.

Dawn Van De Ligt – Parent
Fernando Seeback – Student
Emily Alvarez – Student

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