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Spirituality, development and transcendency

Spirituality is overlooked by many teenagers all through their adolescence. Here at our Academy we help teens to find an opportunity of peace and human development through the practice of spirituality.

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spirituality development and transcendency

At Sunset Bay Academy, we know the importance of developing a healthy spirituality as part of human growth, and treatment advantages it has on group homes for troubled teens.


Spirituality as a guidance for teen mental health

We are inclusive of any religion or faith, for we understand that any religion practiced in a healthy manner will nurture a positive spirituality and create a strong sense of belonging in a positive environment.

Several studies concerning the inclusion of spirituality in teen programs and group homes for troubled teens have found that it provides them with tools that allow them to cope with problems in a more efficient way. Studies have also found that having faith creates resilience, enhances overall physical and emotional wellbeing, and prevents relapses on those teens who suffered from addictions.

“We encourage spirituality to create strong and humble leaders”

Our program helps teens to make a tool out of spirituality through:

  • Motivational speeches
  • Spiritual events with music and activities
  • Charity events

What religion does the school support?

We do not support a religion in specific. We encourage and help with the practices of any faith and belief the student and his family may hold. It’s important for us to extend the practices of faith and we make the necessary adjustments to allow them to practice their traditions, such as fasting, specific diets, etc.

Will my teenager be forced to participate in religion-based activities?

No, we don’t impose any spiritual activity on our students.

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At Sunset Bay Academy, we use spirituality as a tool to enhance the teens growth.