In our academy, a residential treatment center for teens, we help young people find an opportunity for peace and human development in the practice of spirituality.

Spirituality, development and transcendency

At Sunset Bay Academy, the best among boarding schools for troubled youth in California, we are aware of the great importance of developing a healthy spirituality as part of our long term residential treatment in therapeutic boarding schools and rehabilitation centers for troubled youth.

Spirituality as a guidance for mental health of the teenager

We are inclusive of any doctrine and faith, as we understand that any religion practiced in a healthy way can develop a positive spirituality.

What allows a healthy spirituality?

Several studies conducted in therapeutic boarding schools california and rehabilitation centers for troubled youth have found that the practice of healthy spirituality provides:

“We motivate spirituality to form strong and humane leaders”

As an alternative school for troubled youth , our program helps develop spirituality of teenagers in the following ways:

What religion does the school handle?

A residential residential treatment centers for children, we do not handle a specific religion, we accept and support the student in any belief that he/she and his/her family profess.

It’s important for us to encourage the practice of their faith at our dual diagnosis treatment center, so we support them in the fulfillment of any tradition that their religion observes, such as: fasting, specific diets, etc.

  • Motivational talks
  • Spiritual events with music or activities
  • Social participation activities.

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