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Systemic and humanistic therapeutic program

Psychotherapy is fundamental in our program. Through individual, group and family sessions, we help teens solve the emotional conflicts that cause troublesome behavior; we aim to solve the problem from the root.

Reach Emotional Balance


Our academy offers a unique and effective therapeutic program in our single and dual diagnosis treatment center for teens; with a systemic and humanistic approach.


Flexible systemic and humanistic approach

During their stay in our boarding school, students are constantly faced with activities that push them out of their comfort zones, that help them work on their weaknesses and fortify their strengths.

Students receive individual and group therapy with their peers once a week, and family therapy once a month. In our single and dual diagnosis treatment center we use a multimodal and comprehensive method effective in helping teens to change bad behaviors.

Our certified team of psychologists employs a systemic and humanistic approach. The program is flexible to fit the teen’s qualities, empower his strengths and direct them to productive attitudes and actions.

“Our goal is to achieve an integrated family, guiding parents and teens through our program with respect, leadership, and communication”

We have achieved a genuine change, and we work closely with the families to create with them a support system and prevent relapses

  • Individual and family sessions are included in tuition
  • Psychologists present with the students 24/7
  • A Family Therapist assigned to each teen and in constant contact with their families

Is Psychotherapy included in tuition?

Yes, individual, group and family sessions come included in tuitions; also al psychological services and parent, student and family seminars.

If i don’t live close to the school, how will family therapy be provided?

If you don’t live close to the school or it is too complicated to come oftenly, your Family Representative will be happy to provide family therapy via video call.

What is systemic and humanistic psychology?

Systemic psychology is used in therapy to assess and resolve issues for the individual, as well as relationships between people in the family. Humanistic psychology is used to gain an understanding of each individual, working to know them as a whole person, taking into account every aspect.

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In Sunset Bay Academy, we form teenage leaders.