Does my teenager have mental health issues? What to do next?

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Sometimes as a parent, you may ask yourself, “Does my teenager have mental issues?” It would be best if you supervised your children to prevent significant issues that could jeopardize the relationship you’ve built with them over time. Our program stands out among all boarding schools for troubled youth in California
because the results are substantial and make fundamental changes for the better regarding family coexistence.

At Sunset Bay Academy, we know how to help kids and teenagers when they’re going through a rough patch and don’t know how to keep going due to a lack of motivation. When this happens, the only right thing is to get the desperately needed professional help.

If you are unsure about what to do with these concerns, you can seek our help. There are visible signs that can help you detect if something is going wrong regarding your teenager’s mental health. If your teenager is struggling with mental health issues, you can do something fast to treat any mental problem your teen may face that is affecting his state of mind.


Here are some reasons that could cause your teenager to have mental issues:

  • Social Isolation
  • Loss of significant relations, such as friendships or a family member
  • Stress due to school or an unhealthy family environment

With our therapeutic program, your teenager can be motivated to talk about his mental struggles, which is a start toward mental well-being. Something that can comfort you is that our professionals know how to help troubled youth with cognitive, academic, or social issues.

To help you stop asking yourself, “Does my teenager have mental issues?” We have a complete program and professional staff ready to assist your teenager and prevent further damage by finding out what is causing this damage that affects his health. In addition, our group homes for troubled teens make your teen feel safe enough to let our team know what may be causing him problems so we can help him find the appropriate solution.

Be part of our Sunset Bay Academy Testimonials today, and you won’t have to worry about your teen’s mental state anymore. You can trust our program because our students trust the process with time.

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