Do boarding schools allow phones? Is there a mobile phone policy?

Do boarding schools allow phones? Sunset Bay Academy is known for its effort to keep students very focused on the program’s activities, so they improve.

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Boarding schools for troubled youth in California are known for having an educational space with policies in order to maintain order. Boarding schools are no exception to this statement. Like day schools, we like to provide the best equipment to our students, because nowadays, the latest technology is very common to be used by educational institutions.

It is considered a myth that the latest technology is not education-friendly, but it is very much needed for research asked by teachers. It is useful to implement cutting-edge technology for students to do remarkable projects. What we expect from our students is to properly use the technological equipment we provide them and learn the most they can.

The fact is that mobile phones have their own pros and cons, we try to focus more on the pros and what helps our students to improve their grades. Another way to help our students is showing them we care about them; by dedicating personalized time and being there for them at all times.

do-boarding-schools-allow-phonesOne common question to ask in this area is why do boarding schools allow phones. The answer is that they normally don’t unless it is absolutely necessary. To better understand the applications the latest technology has, it is needless to say that it has brought a significant contribution to the human race’s evolutive process. We are a great alternative school for troubled youth, our top priority is for them to have a bright future.

When parents seek the proper educational institution for their children they have certain things to consider and whether their options suit them. We have educational methods of teaching that provide good results.

We help our students to better communicate their thoughts and get to know them on a deeper level. That is why we prefer they don’t use phones because they are a big distraction and it interrupts the process of learning and behavior improvement. We also are considered to be a dual diagnosis treatment center, because of our program’s content.

Sometimes youth go to their comfort zone, which usually involves using mobile phones and that is not helpful to making progress. Doing so allows them to isolate themselves from the rest and our program focuses on achieving the opposite.

In the end, they learn at their own pace which is healthy, putting pressure on them is not appropriate. We know that with time, they’ll find out what is best for them. Another answer to the question of: “do boarding schools allow phones?’’, could be that we prefer to have proper and responsible control over them.

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Navigate the path to positive change with expert support. Let’s pave the way for your teen’s journey to growth and empowerment.