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Personal growth, service and health

Here at Sunset Bay Academy we understand that those experiences which motivate and enrich are essential to the growth of every teenager; we include in our program classes and activities that stimulate the mind, body and moral values of our students. More than an alternative school for troubled youth, we provide teens with life experiences in a controlled and supervised environment.

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teen personal growth

Community service, artistic expression and fitness activities create life experiences, essential in the development of every teenager in a different and alternative school for troubled youth.


Stimulating the mind and talent of our students

We value physical health and fitness and believe in the balance between body and mind. We work hard on getting our students healthy and fit, implementing a nutritional plan designed to nourish and strengthen, rich in fruits and vegetables; and including daily fitness classes and activities such as Dance, Yoga and Boxing.

With the goal of stimulating the mind and talent of our students, we also provided them with classes such as art therapy, music, chess and poetry. This activities also help them to step out of their comfort zones and helps them explore their creative self.

At Sunset Bay Academy, serving the community is encouraged and opportunities to give back are frequently presented. We work to help in many different ways, including going to the local orphanage to work and play with the children in need, working with the Castro Limon Foundation promoting awareness for the resources they provide for children with cancer, and working alongside Hometeam Boxing in their effort to keep kids on the right path in life through a dedication to boxing. These experiences help teen to practice being humble and empathic.

“Community service, physical well-being and artistic experiences that stimulate, invigorate and create fully rounded leaders”

We empower a sense of belonging and create an overall positive outlook on life

  • Visits and involvement in charity events and foundations
  • Daily physical activities
  • Weight supervision and balanced nutritional plan
  • Artistic and creative activities

Can I make donations for the places in need that you visit?

Yes!, you can contact us to get information about our next event or visit if you want to donate canned goods, blankets, toys or so. You can find out about our next events through our facebook page as well.

How can I see pictures of the events where the teens get involved?

We invite you to follow our facebook page, there we constantly post pictures of our most recent events and activities.

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We help teens grow into fully productive adults; if your child is not living up to his full potential, we can help you.