What Can You Do To Improve Communication In Your Family?

What can you do to improve communication in your family? Follow these 4 essential rules and remember to focus on quality time for at least a few minutes a day.

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Did you know many teens’ behavioral problems are due to lousy family communication?

Remember that living in the same house does not mean that there is healthy dialogue or good coexisting. In fact, there can be weeks or even months in which the only interactions are asking for money, scolds for unrealized tasks, or fights about school problems.

The truth is that if your children need you at every stage of their lives, you be there for them. As a parent, your presence during their youth is essential to guide them on the right track.

Keep reading and find out what can you do to improve communication in your family.

The four rules

  1. Define moments without technology
    Establishing at least a few moments throughout the day when smartphones, tablets, or computers are not used is essential. A good idea could be during breakfast, food, and dinner. These are perfect spaces to talk and live.
  2. Share hobbies
    We also recommend looking for common hobbies that allow everybody to spend a pleasant time together. It can be as simple as watching a family movie every Friday night. This allows union and avoids isolation, thus it encourages a possible dialogue regarding the watched film.
  3. Promote dialogue
    It is essential to take advantage of the shared moments to exchange ideas and opinions on a topic that arouses interest. Promoting the participatory dialogue of each member is vital, always respecting the different contributions and allowing spaces of trust, security, and belonging.
  4. Interaction
    It is vital to show interest in each family member, asking how their day was or what worries them. In this way, we encourage direct, personal, human communication and a greater knowledge of each person’s unique situation.

Why is good communication at home essential?


Communication is the action and effect of transmitting ideas, thoughts, or feelings from one person to another. Families with open and frequent contact are happier because:

  • They are better at solving problems and making decisions.
  • They have less stress.
  • They are more confident and have more self-esteem.
  • They extrapolate respectful and quality relationships with people outside the family, making them more effective on a social level.
  • They better regulate impulsivity and negative experiences since they are more skilled in emotional intelligence.

I try to improve communication at home, but my teenagers are out of control. What can I do?

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Navigate the path to positive change with expert support. Let’s pave the way for your teen’s journey to growth and empowerment.