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Learning and growing academically

Sunset Bay Academy is committed to pair academic growth with emotional development. To achieve this we use a world-accredited school system: Advantages School. Students continue their middle or high school here with us and are able to graduate or transfer back to a conventional school if they don’t finish their credits here.

Reach academic achievement

sba learning and growing academically

Our Academic program helps students get back on their feet, catch up with failed classes and elevate their GPA. The most efficient academic program in therapeutic boarding school California adjacent.

Stimulating the mind and talent of our students

With assistance of our certified staff, students have achieved to improve their GPA from 1.8-2.4 when they start with us, to 3.2 to 3.8 upon graduation. Also, those teens who were behind in their grades, are able to catch up approximately in 6 months.

About 85% of our students continue on to high school, college or university after graduating our program. Some choose to enroll into the Marines, US Army, or US Air Force. Our focus as with many other therapeutic boarding schools California is that they continue to grow academically long after they have graduated.


“Our students develop their academic growth at their own pace, with constant guidance and care”

Helping students grow both academically and socially in a positive environment

  • 5 hours of school Monday through Saturday every week of the year
  • Certified Staff in Education tutoring every class and supervising weekly progress
  • One on one monthly meeting with the Academics Director
  • Intensive 2 month preparation for SAT/ACT available

How can I follow up on my teen’s academic performance?

The Academics Department will provide you constant updates and guidance about your teen’s performance in school.

Do you offer additional help if my teen is failing a class?

Yes, we offer additional one on one tutoring if required and solicited.

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If your son has fallen behind in school because of behavior problems, Sunset Bay Academy has the right program to get him back on the road.