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Each student participates in extra-curricular activities, team sports, personal development workshops and varied leadership opportunities.

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Sunset Bay Academy is an outstanding therapeutic program offering troubled teens and their family a second chance.  Our therapeutic program is a safe, structured, and intelligently designed program that promotes emotional intelligence, the development of character, and a commitment toward sober lifestyle.  We use a proven therapeutic model that we refer to as Strides and Phases.

After arriving at Sunset Bay Academy each student is placed with a “student family.”  A student family is a group of students who are accountable and responsible for one another. The “school family” is their family away from home, where each member is given the chance to promote the wellbeing of one another. This scenario is an opportunity to replicate similar challenges that teens experience at home, and a chance to practice new skills to overcome dysfunctional unhealthy patterns that led to their enrollment.

In the “student family” students share daily routines such as fitness, PE, class time, group therapy, leisure time and meals. This allows for each teen to develop their emotional and social skills by learning to work together as a “family.” All students participate in a three-phase program which begins the moment a student arrives at Sunset Bay Academy.

Each phase has different “strides” that reflect a student’s progress within each phase.  The student must complete each “stride” in order to graduate from SBA.  To advance in each “stride” and “phase”, a student must follow rules, obtain a positive average score, and earn staff and student support.

Averages are obtained daily as well as weekly, students are evaluated  on a daily basis by staff in five areas of evaluation. The staff areas of evaluation are as follows :Family Therapist, Group Therapist, Teacher, Athletics Coach and Daily Chaperons. Each “stride” is meant to acknowledge growth and development as they work on building trust, self-confidence and leadership.

Each student participates in extra-curricular activities, team sports, personal development workshops and varied leadership opportunities. At Sunset Bay Academy your teen will transform their old behaviors by supporting their talents and enriching their academic experience with language, culture, and leadership.

Our program works because we reinforce positive peer support on a daily basis.  Students learn to develop and build working relationships. Each student is offered various opportunities to become a leader and develop their leadership skills throughout the program.

Eventually, each student begins to demonstrate their personal growth by exercising maturity in their daily choices thereby, gaining the privilege of becoming a Staff Assistant.  As a Staff Assistant, students begin to discover their leadership abilities and are mentored to develop their skills set as they are given more responsibilities.

Students become keenly aware of the impact that one person’s choice can have on others.  Similar, to the choices they made at home which affected their loved ones.

Basic housekeeping responsibilities and chores help students take pride in their environment and themselves. Daily cleaning chores include, wiping dining tables down after each meal, sweeping, mopping, folding their personal laundry, wiping desks, returning chairs to their designated areas, cleaning their bathroom, organizing their closets and sleeping area.


Our low cost therapeutic program allows parents to intervene right away!  Research demonstrates that the earlier a parent intervenes when their teen is on a self-destructive path it becomes less costly to assist them in creating a positive change.  The longer that a parent waits to intervene, the more difficult it becomes to reverse the change that caused harm to your teen. 

We can help restore hope and help strengthen your family dynamic.

Navigate The Path To Positive Change With Expert Support.

Let's Pave The Way For Your Teen's Journey To Growth And Empowerment.

Navigate the path to positive change with expert support. Let’s pave the way for your teen’s journey to growth and empowerment.