Private boarding school for troubled teens: what to expect

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Private boarding school for troubled teens are a good option when struggling with a troubled teenager, but what should you look for or expect? Let us share some of our experience with you.

Troubled teens

Boarding schools are often found by parents that deal with a problematic in the family because of one member: their teenage daughter or son. There could be many reasons for adolescents to present defiant behavior or rebel attitudes; nonetheless, they usually have the same effects on the family members and the people surrounding them.

When parents have tried everything in their hands to understand what’s going on with their teenager, they turn to private schools that offer solutions for their type of situation. And this is good; only an institution that understands what they’re going through can actually help. The important thing is to select a place that has the features that will really help them.

When trusting on a boarding school to help your child, these are things you should expect on a daily basis:



An essential factor to feel good (inside and outside) is to have all your meals and get all the nutrients that your body needs, depending on your age and the activities you carry out throughout the day.


When a teenager is struggling with depression, anger or apathy, exercise is a good therapy to keep their minds busy and their bodies satisfied. Sports, swimming, yoga and many more physical activities are very helpful and should be offered at a boarding school.

Other activities

Music, painting and art therapy shows great results for everyone, mostly for teenagers with difficult behavior. Everybody loves art and the opportunity to do it is appreciated. It is also a way of expressing themselves, which will help them feel confident and relaxed.

Basic services

Don’t forget the important thing: a bed, restroom, water and the basic services for any person should be included at this boarding school. This may seem obvious, but it’s important to consider it, since your teenager will be staying there; you don’t want to have doubts or take such an important thing for granted.

Besides therapy and academic lessons, these are some of the things that you should expect when selecting your private boarding school for troubled teens. At Sunset Bay Academy, we help more than 950 families with teen ages 12-17 suffering from different academic & behavioral issues.

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