Why should I go to boarding school? Is it the best option?

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When it comes to education and a troubled kid, it is confusing which place is the best option and why? We, Sunset Bay Academy, consider ourselves as a great residential treatment center for teens where they can fail and succeed, that way they will be learning from their mistakes while improving their misbehavior problems if any.

Often, when it comes to the educational field, kids and teens ask themselves or their parents the next thing: “Why should I go to a boarding school?”, answer is as simple as the question, because it is the best thing to do in order to succeed in the future. Now, even though it might be hard in the beginning, with time and patience it will become easier and fast to get used to.

There are some personal benefits of going to a boarding school, for example, the opportunity to go to college by getting your grades up. Being able to go to college is a huge opportunity to do what you enjoy doing until you become the best at it. Here are some other great reasons to go to a boarding school:


  • It is the best place to grow on an inner personal level
  • Boarding school provides so many social opportunities
  • It is a place where you can feel motivated to improve
  • It is a safe space to create life-long friendships
  • More extracurricular activities

At Sunset Bay Academy we not only provide academic activities, but also think of ourselves as a dual diagnosis treatment center, where the right support is provided by us in order to improve the mental health of our students. They go through the improvement process at their own pace, which is key for them to feel safe and comfortable.

We want to make our students feel that improving their social and academic skills is a good thing. We basically aspire to help all families going through bad situations involving the behavior and academic status of their children. We also aim for the students there to achieve their goals and gain their motivation back if that is one of the causes of the family´s issues.

We simply care about the well-being of our students so that at the end they can learn to answer for themselves the question they asked before they entered, which is the following: “Why should I go to boarding school?”, and realize that it is the best for them. Our Sunset Bay Academy testimonials can confirm that their children actually improve with the programs.

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