Therapeutic residential schools for troubled youth

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Choosing among the residential schools for troubled youth can be limiting for anybody. Even if in different circumstances, choosing a residential school takes diligent research. Second-guessing your decision is a high probability. Taking into account that it comes with the best intentions of improving the lives of teenagers, the responsibility can be overwhelming with troubled youth.

Taking the step into acknowledging you need professional help with your teenagers’ circumstances is one of the most important ones, if you already made it through that, you will be able to take on the next ones little by little.

There is a lengthy display of mood reactions in which you can separate the most important necessities:

  • Mental health issues, such as depression or PTSD.
  • Learning disability, such as ADHD or dyscalculia.
  • Social problems, such as bullying or unable to respect authoritative figures.
  • At-risk behavior, such as truancy, substance abuse, or addictive behavior.

Any of those reasons can interfere with their daily functions, causing them to have struggles in their day-to-day life.

Personal evaluation of the case

We have opted for a therapeutic approach to be taken as a viable option for our troubled youth. At Sunset Bay Academy we are a therapeutic school that can help with troubled youth cases, we offer to review the case of any teenager that could possibly need our help (free of charge). We have years of experience with teens experiencing:

  • Poor academic performance
  • Depression
  • Attention Deficit and hyperactivity disorder
  • Grief due to loss of a loved one
  • Oppositional defiance
  • Low self-esteem
  • Substance abuse
  • Reactive attachment disorder
  • Among other

We have worked with over 200 families, mostly from the state of California, providing our services from the coast of Baja California.

Our professional teams’ experience is in most part in the field of behavioral changes, the treatment of mood and development disorders.

We have the commitment to give our students the tools to create their skills to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders. Today, it might be something hard to see, but there is hope. Having professionals at your side to get your teenager help, will work out for the better good of their own future, for the reintegration of the family and to rest assured you have done the best anybody could do for their loved one.

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