Main difference between boarding school and regular school

Find out what is the main difference between boarding school and regular school. Here we explain the most relevant differences, so you choose the best fit.

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Nowadays, there are different formats for formal education. In this article, we are going to focus on the in-person kind of schooling. Keep reading to learn the main difference between boarding school and regular school.

Both of these schooling types require the students to attend school in person and offer them the opportunity to interact with their peers during the courses and through extracurricular or after-school activities.

Students will have lessons according to their curriculum from Monday to Friday, having the weekends to rest. Also, they have a recess in the middle of their day to eat and have some recreational time.

Now let’s get to the main difference between boarding school and regular school.

A regular school has a structured time per day in which students attend school, after those scheduled hours end they return home for the day, coming back the following one to continue with their studies and so on until the class period ends.

Although extracurricular activities are non-mandatory, they are highly advisable to take since they help you develop skills and find your talents in a relaxed environment at the same time that you create connections with people that have interests in common with you. These activities may help when applying for college.

In regard to boarding school, students attend their lessons in person as well, however, they don’t return home after each scholar day, but they remain in the school facilities. The school provides dorms, typically divided by gender. This is the most relevant difference between these two types of schooling.

By attending a boarding school and spending most of their time there, students develop skills that are unique to this experience, such as being more independent, organized with their time, and responsible for their spaces and belongings, etc. 

Each boarding school has its own rules and policies for students, some of them allow them to return home for the weekend, others only let them get out of the facilities on specific dates and some others for the vacation period.

There are of course focalized boarding schools such as religious, performing arts, military, therapeutic (which is an alternative school for troubled youth), etc. Sunset Bay Academy is one of the best boarding schools for troubled youth

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