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Are you the parent of a troubled teen in Salinas that is currently experimenting with drugs or is suffering from addiction? If so then Drug Treatment Centers in Salinas may be the help option that you have been searching.  Drug Treatment Centers offer unique approach to breaking the hold of addiction as well as therapeutic intervention. The best Drug Treatment centers for troubled teens offer a variety of drug awareness classes and interventions along with therapeutic aspects that are meant to help teens identify underlying issues.

Sunset Bay Academy understands how difficult a time this can be for you and your family and it is for this reasong that SBA offers a free consultation to parents that are considering help options for their child. Sunset Bay Academy employs experienced consultants who can help you to find the perfect solution for your child. Call now at 1 (800) 724-2147.

Drugs are a destructive force that can cause irreprable harm to those that use them whether the use is recreational, experiemental, or full blown addiction. The dangers are the same for all serious health issues even death and consequences with the law though extreme they are present and it is for this reason that any drug use is dangerous and must be addressed. Parents of troubled teens have several help options out their that can potentially help their child break addiction. It is important that parents understand that help option such as Drug Treatment Centers can provide their child with the help he or she needs to break their addiction.

Signs of Drug Use Parents Should be Looking for in Teens

Parents should watch for these signs: sudden change in friends, drop in attendance or grades at school, changes in behavior,irritable, neglecting responsibilities, secretive behavior, lack of motivation, blood shot eyes, unexplained expenses, sudden change in appearance.

Finding the program or treatment center that is best suited to helping their child can be difficult however there are consultants that specialise in child placement who can help you to find the perfect solution for your child. Sunset Bay Academy is here to help call now to speak with the addmissions consultants of SBA and find the perfect help option for your child call now at 1 (800) 724-2147.

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