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Drug Treatment Centers for troubled teens in Modesto, California help adolescents who are struggling with addictions.  Not all Drug Treatment Centers are the same, therefore parents must sort through their many options in order to find the most suitable avenue for their child’s treatment.  The licensed professionals at Sunset Bay Academy understand how important finding the right program is to your son or daughter’s recovery, so our kind admissions counselors can be reached at 1 (800) 724-2147 for free information to assist your search.

Signs of Drug Use in CA | Troubled Teens:

  • mood swings
  • sudden change in friends
  • drop in attendance or grades at school
  • changes in behavior
  • irritability
  • neglecting responsibilities
  • bloodshot eyes
  • unexplained expenses
  • drastic changes in appearance

Drug Treatment Centers for troubled teens in Modesto, California offer a variety of care that can be instrumental in leading a teen to long term sobriety.  Drug Treatment Centers are a viable help option for troubled teens after the necessary detoxification stage meant to teach teens how to cope and avoid further drug use.  Often drug awareness classes are provided for teens with the intention of teaching them techniques to avoid drugs as well as the negative effects that drugs have on their lives.  Underlying issues such as depression and poor self-esteem are usually at the root of adolescent substance abuse, and it is for this reason that some of the best Drug Treatment Centers offer a therapeutic aspect that is meant to identify and address these issues.

Sunset Bay Academy is a full service therapeutic boarding school that provides exemplary care for troubled teens who suffer from substance abuse and addiction.  Sunset Bay Academy provides the necessary assistance to help struggling teenagers and their families through the major difficulties brought on by the use of drugs and alcohol.  Sunset Bay Academy has an experienced staff and proven program that has helped countless teens work through and heal their dependancies as well as emotional and psychological issues.  If you have any questions regarding drug treatment centers for troubled teens, don’t hesitate to call SBA now for a free consultation at 1 (800) 724-2147.

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