Activities and Events here at Sunset Bay Academy

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At Sunset Bay Academy we offer a variety of activities and events for the students to learn, grow and enjoy. Fun events like bowling, paintball and days at the beach are important because the students get the opportunity to simply relax, bond with their peers and have a good time. Community service is also important because it gives them an opportunity to appreciate what they have; good health, family and a home. Our favorite place to go is the Emmanuel Orphanage, where they are given the chance to cook, play and talk to the kids there. Cultural activities are crucial as well because it allows them to broaden their knowledge, so anytime there are expos we make sure the students are there. There are many activities overall on and off campus that are enjoyed by the students here at SBA. In the end it is about giving them a well rounded education and opening new doors they didn’t even know existed.

Here is a small gallery of what we do here at Sunset Bay Academy:

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