Sunset Bay Academy is proud of our long and successful story

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As an educational therapeutic boarding school, we follow a strict professional and ethical standards that set us apart from other international boarding schools. Given the climate of abuse that has plagued numerous therapeutic boarding schools in the United States, Sunset Bay Academy delineated the parameters of their best practices when it was founded in July 2008.

SBA applauds the efforts of organizations and websites spearheading the effort to identify schools that engage in unethical practices and dismiss their professional and ethical responsibility to the children and families they serve as they continue to operate with unconscionable regard to the emotional wounds they create. Some members of these organizations are young men and women who were former students deeply hurt by these schools. They have made it their mission to identify these disturbing abusive practices.

Sunset Bay Academy continues to actively solicit the feedback of professionals in the behavioral health field to strengthen all student and parent services.

We continue to create bi-national partnerships with academic institutions, government agencies and non-profit organizations. We are a transparent therapeutic boarding school with numerous documented site visits by parents, California policymakers, community-based organizations, scholars, and professionals in the behavioral health field.

A Full Service Co-ed Therapeutic Boarding School

Helping troubled teens ages 12-17 appreciate their second chance at a new life with strong family values in a structured and supportive environment.

Mission – Our mission is to provide your child with the necessary tools to create a solid foundation for a successful and fulfilling life.

Vision – To change the future of our struggling youth by helping them to create a better tomorrow through education & self discovery.

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