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Activities and Events here at Sunset Bay Academy

teens jumping at fitness

At Sunset Bay Academy we offer a variety of activities and events for the students to learn, grow and enjoy. Fun events like bowling, paintball and days at the beach are important because the students get the opportunity to simply relax, bond with their peers and have a good time. Community service is also important […]

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Art Therapy Class for Teens


We have introduced the students of Sunset Bay Academy with a new method of therapy: ART THERAPY! They are receiving these sessions once a week with an instructor that is specialized in this field. While therapy and psychotherapy in general have many benefits, the concept of art therapy has proven to be successful in various […]

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Motivational Videos for teens (Videorama!)


Every Friday morning, we have a vocational class for our teens called Videorama!, where each week we watch a motivation or job encouraging video. The purpose of the class is to jump start your child’s future, whether it be finding a job or continuing his education in order to pursuit a college degree. The class, […]

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