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Sunset Bay Academy is a long term residential treatment center that offers a comprehensive program: emotional growth for teens and their families, academic development and character building experiences.


Therapy, Academics, Community Service, Health and Family

Our Academy goes beyond a regular boarding school, our goal is not only to achieve a behavioral change in the teens, but to reconnect them with their family, empower their unique qualities and strengths, help them achieve academic success and prepare them to be empathic, honest and strong leaders. To accomplish these goals, we have designed a program that involves essential elements in the development of every teenager

Our Psychotherapeutic program is designed to change behavior from the root, by solving emotional conflicts behind bad behavior, striving at the same time to achieve emotional resilience. At the same time our Academic program allows teens to get back on their feet and catch up with any pending credits and helps them elevate their GPA.

Believing that a healthy mind rests in a healthy body, we include fitness and sports as an important part of our program and we implement them daily, while taking great care of their nutrition.

“Sunset Bay Academy is not only a long term residential treatment center, it's a leadership program”

A complete program achieves a complete change

We encourage our students to polish their talents and come out of their comfort zone by expressing artistically with activities like music, poetry and dance. Also, we motivate them to practice spirituality through workshops and events, and help them develop empathy through participating in community service and fund-raising events for nonprofit organizations.

  • Therapeutic Program
  • Academic Growth
  • Sport, Fitness and nutritional supervision
  • Artistic and creative activities
  • Community Service
  • Spiritual Classes

Are extracurricular classes included in tuition?

Yes, all extra classes are included in tuition, only one on one classes are not included, such as individual boxing or singing lessons.

What happens if my teen doesn’t like an activity?

All activities are part of the program so we expect teens to be participate. However, we may allow exceptions if the parents authorize it or if there are any medical impediments.

What certifications do the teachers have?

A teacher’s certifications completely depends of the type of class he or she provides, generally we look for teachers who have experience working with teens. We also supervise extra classes to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness.

Help your teen become the best he can be and to achieve a genuine behavioral positive change at SBA.