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Inspirational TEDtalk from Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch

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This past week at our motivational video class, we watched a great inspirational TEDtalk from Carnegie Mellon professor Randy Pausch, who motivated thousands of students with his passionate teaching. Millions more around the world found inspiration in his moving talk “Really achieving your childhood dreams” now called “Last Lecture”.

The lecture gives great motivational advice on how to setup goals in life, how to work hard to achieve those goals; furthermore, he talks about the struggles we all face in order to reach them. In the video, he reminds us of the brick walls and how those brick walls are only there to stop people who don’t want things bad enough, and how everyone that really wants it learns to go past that wall and achieve their dreams.

Randy-Pausch-really-achieving-your-childhood-dreamsThe talk describes how professor Pausch achieved his childhood dreams and helped several thousands of students conquering their dreams in his computer science, human-computer interaction and design courses.

After the video, we talked about our dreams in life, what we really want to do, besides finishing high school, and how to develop a plan to accomplish those dreams.

If you have time to watch the video we’ll post it on the bottom, we also recommend that you read the following quotes/comments that were taken from the TEDtalk and Youtube websites.

“Getting a chance to watch this, was a gift”

“Unforgettable and magnificent talk. I am not tired of recommending this talk, to so many people”

“This was absolutely amazing, I have been dealing with some pretty tough decisions lately and I am looking for a way to encompass all my passions into what I do”