Healthy Eating and Emotional Resilience: Find the Connection

Did you know there is a strong connection between healthy eating and emotional resilience? Find how they interact and apply the knowledge with your kids.

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Healthy eating and emotional resilience: is there a link between these two? As we grow up, we are told by our parents to finish our plate to grow healthy and strong. However, little is said about the importance of what is on our plate, or that the food we eat impacts our mental health. How does this relationship occur? In this article we will talk a little about it, so you know the importance of including a balanced diet in you and your family’s daily life.

Healthy Eating and Emotional Resilience

What does food have to do with our mood? Well, according to studies, a lot! “Poor nutrition may be a causal factor in the experience of low mood, and improving diet may help to protect not only the physical health but also the mental health of the population”, as said by the research Food and mood: how do diet and nutrition affect mental wellbeing? conducted by Joseph Firth and colleagues.

But what is healthy eating? Healthy does not equal lettuce and chicken only. While these are great for your body, they cannot provide all the necessary nutrients retrieved from a complete diet. In fact, eliminating nutrients from other foods affect your well-being. Yes, that includes the fats, oils, and sweets food group. Who would have thought that? So healthy is less about restriction, and more about balance.

Emotional Resilience


We usually think the brain and the gut have little to do with each other, and we could not be more wrong. The connection between them is bidirectional; both send and receive signals and communicate with each other.

Also, we fell our emotions in the gut. In fact, anxiety can create stress in the body, upsetting or unbalancing the gut. Likewise, a troubled gut can cause issues in the mind. It is all connected!

Therefore, while an individual’s emotional resilience is nurtured during childhood by parents and family providing a safe and reassuring environment, it is important to consider the nutrition factor

At Sunset Bay Academy, our alternative school for troubled youth, we know nutrition is key in the development of children, since we have been taking care of them for over 15 years.

So that is the connection between healthy eating and emotional resilience. Good to know, right? We advise you to practice and reinforce a healthy relationship with your family, especially if you are a parent. It is your duty to give your children the necessary tools to be assertive and have a good development in life. But do not forget about improving your kid’s chance at life with a wholesome diet that also boosts their mental health. You are not sure how to help with their diet and emotional balance? Do not worry, check our other blog entries for more information.

If you are looking for a residential treatment center for teens that feeds their students well, Sunset Bay Academy is the place. When looking for boarding schools for troubled youth in California, parents find a perfect choice in our school. Have questions? Contact us and we will be happy to help. If you liked this article, consult, Good Parenting: The Importance of Raising Resilient Teens or Six Affordable Emotional Intelligence Activities for Teens.

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Navigate the path to positive change with expert support. Let’s pave the way for your teen’s journey to growth and empowerment.