Even Better Basketball Class for Teens

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We now have an official Basketball Coach at Sunset Bay Academy that will teach, train and motivate our SBA students to work hard and follow through with their team. They will receive Training once a week for 2 hours, in this time they will be trained in different areas and be taught many strategies that they can use during their game time.

Basketball has been known to be a great aerobic workout. The shooting, dribbling, passing, and running make basketball a real calorie burner. Spending an hour playing the sport can burn up to 700 calories. Basketball is also a wonderful cardiovascular workout. You are running and jumping. This works the heart and lungs. With blood pumping and breathing accelerated, you improve heart health, stamina, and lung health.  Basketball can really be a great confidence booster as well.


Our SBA students are enjoying their training with their new Coach and will continue to benefit from this experience for as long as they need to. There is nothing quite like basketball to teach a child the importance of team work.  The whole team works together to get a basket. Each player must be able to rely on teammates to accomplish their common goal. Of course, scoring isn’t the only game in town.  Players soon learn to appreciate that less glamorous defensive plays and rebounding are as important as taking the ball to the hoop.  Because of the players’ reliance on one another, they tend to form deep friendships based on the foundation of trust built on the court.

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