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Troubled teens in Sunnyvale, California who are suffering from drug abuse and addiction will benefit greatly from drug treatment centers.  Chemical dependancy is a hard habit to break, and overcoming it is a difficult journey to embark on, but parents across the country have sought the help of Sunset Bay Academy.  Unfortunately, even parents who are actively involved in their teen’s life will not always be attuned to everything that their son or daughter are participating in, and prevention isn’t easy.  Delaying detoxification is detrimental not only to the troubled teen in crisis, but to the entire family as well.  At Sunset Bay Academy students are monitored 24/7 by experienced professionals, licensed clinicians and PhD or Masters level therapists, who understand how addiction, substance abuse and mental illness impact the lives of adolescent boys and girls. 

To learn more about what this elite boarding school has to offer parents of troubled teens in Sunnyvale, CA, please contact our kind admissions counselors at 1 (800) 724-2147 today.

With drug treatment centers, sobriety is found through therapeutic methods in a home-like environment that promotes physical, mental and emotional health and emphasizes optimum growth and character development.  Substance abuse is a serious issue with far reaching consequences, which is why the earlier the intervention, the better.  

For someone dealing with an addiction issue, seeking help from an addiction rehab center is the answer. Addiction and alcoholism are entirely treatable and through having the services tailored to individual needs, it is possible for anybody to recover a normal life again.  Behavioral therapy is a common tool used by treatment programs in California in order to help a client suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. This tool can include the use of counseling, psychotherapy, support groups and family therapy as well. Some treatment programs use medications to help a person go through withdrawal symptoms in a safe and comfortable manner and in order to block the effects of drugs and alcohol abuse.

At Sunset Bay Academy, the primary objective may be optimum physical health, but with integrated, customized therapy of sports, academics and other activities, SBA is a truly effective tool in the recovery of adolescents all across the country.  To learn more about what this special school has to offer, please call 1 (800) 724-2147.

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