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Programs at Sunset Bay

Our Program
We use a computer based academic program featuring 3-D animation, interactive activities and cutting edge multimedia. The curriculum has the flexibility to customize instruction accommodate each students individual needs. This allows students to progress at their own pase. The computer based curriculum allows teachers to concentrate on a student’s individual needs on a one-on-one basis to further enhance academic success. Our high academic standards require students to score 80% or higher to move on to the next lesson. We offer a range of courses that meet middle and high school requirements. Students also participate in our Spanish Immersion Program. We offer a wide range of individual; family workshops especially designed for teens and parents. We can help your teen develop numerous skills.

Sports is a key component in campus life.

Our Volleyball Team Practices:
Serving drills
Passing drills
Setting drills

Our Chess Team Practices:
Pieces Setup
Pieces Movement
Offensive Strategies
Defensife Strategies
Special Moves